Salmon (S) Part 1 Recipes.
445 recipes.
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Salmon Mousse
Salmon Mousse
Salmon Mousse (Cold)
Salmon Mousse Canapes
Salmon Mousse Canapes
Salmon Mousse for Picnics
Salmon Mousse with Sour Cream Dill Sauce
Salmon Muffins
Salmon Nachos
Salmon Noodle Baked Dish
Salmon Noodle Hotdish
Salmon Noodle Romanoff
Salmon Nori Maki
Salmon Nuggets
Salmon on the Grill
Salmon over White and Black Bean Salsa
Salmon Oysters
Salmon Party Ball
Salmon Pate
Salmon Pate
Salmon Patties
Salmon Patties Or Balls
Salmon Pie
Salmon Pie In Brown Rice Crust
Salmon Poached in Coconut Broth
Salmon Ramekins
Salmon Rice Stir - Fry
Salmon Roe and Sour Cream Blini
Salmon Roll-ups
Salmon Rolls with Cheese Sauce
Salmon Souffle
Salmon Soup with Wine
Salmon Stew
Salmon with Chive and Herb Sauce
Salmon with Cilantro Potato Salad
Salmon with Dilled Creamed Pea Sauce
Salmon with Pears, Apples and Limes
Salmon with Pistachio Basil Butter
Salmon-cheese Broiled Sandwich
Salmon-cucumber Sandwiches
Salmon-cucumber Sandwiches
Salmon-macaroni Salad
Salmon-pasta Salad
Solana Beach Seafood Pasta Salad
Spring Salmon